20 UI Design Interview Questions and Answers You Can't Miss Out

Majored in English but fell in love with design since my last year of college, I made a choice to quit my first job as a visa officer and devoted myself into my beloved UI/UX design industry. It’s not easy for me, I’ve had like more than 10 interviews before I got my current job. Checked on tremendous UI design questions and answers, also with my own experiences, I collected these 20 questions that were frequently asked. Hope this can help you to prepare your UI interview.
1. What’s your understanding of UI design? (I was asked)
This question was highly asked in the interview process, I used to recite the definition of UI design and user interface design principles without missing a single word. However, they seem all failed. For me with no experience in UI design, they refused me for I even didn’t really know what UI design is about. Then I learned this is absolutely not a definition on explaining question, what really matters is to add your personal views towards UI design. But the…

The 5 Best UX Mobile Apps for Your Inspiration in 2017

The most important thing of a good Internet product is its own user experience and UI design, when designing the mobile user experience only the perfect combination of UX and UI design can a product be deemed as excellent. The current users’ requirements to the mobile phone APP interface are very high, we know that at application market a lot of APPs have about the same functions, but only one is enough for us to use, and it’s definitely one of the best UX design apps. Today I share 5 best UX mobile apps and hope to get your inspired.
1. Path

Path is a social network for mobile devices where you can exchange photos and messages. The main function is to share, exchange, tag and comment photos. In addition, messages can also be exchanged.
Path for iOS has long been associated with beautiful design. I’ve found that Path has always been an under-appreciated and overlooked product. The user onboarding flow is smooth and easy, without superfluous messages you just need to take a few simple…

Creating Perfect UX Portfolio - 3 Golden Tips & UX Portfolio Examples

A portfolio that presents your projects and experiences compellingly can be a key part in applying for UX job and makes you much closer to your dream UX job. But designing a suitable portfolio is a real challenge. We get insider tips from UX team leaders and concrete UX portfolio tips & tricks for the construction, collect some inspiring UX portfolio examples for you.
Putting your own work into the portfolio in an appealing format is far from easy. UX designers have to solve special challenges. Unlike the visual designers’ portfolios, the design works of UX designer are not eye-catching. Sketches of interface concepts, wireframes or mockups look semi-finished. Only completed designs in the portfolio are not enough. The viewer then does not know which portion the UX Designer has assumed in the project and what role that he has. Like perfect UX portfolio examples, it is important to carefully consider the delivered content and message. So we have collected three golden questions fo…

Do Web Design Without Coding Knowledge? You Need to Change

In 2010, the difference between designers and developers was obvious in their choice of pants. While designers put on skinny jeans in combination with MacBook, doing web design without coding knowledge, developers came to work in cargo pants and with their own keyboard. The two groups differed not only in their way of working, but were also two completely different types of people.

However, it is the usual stereotype. In the last six years, the development of web design has clearly advanced. A wealth of new devices, technologies and tools have been added. In contrast to 2010, nowadays visually overloading designs are no longer in fashion, and but minimalist designs are in demand because of the massive spread of mobile terminals. The minimalistic model of flat and material design can primarily be seen as a visual response to the technical changes. This development makes user experience play a more importance role in web design.
From the perspective of designers, therefore, a clear sep…

How to Make a Scroll-Activated Sticky Header in Your Wireframe Prototype?

Scroll-activated sticky header refers to a header that sticks to the top of the viewport when the page is scrolled down and disappears when the page is scrolled back to the top.
To achieve this effect with Axure, the design will be cumbersome, because interactive designers need to insert variables or functions in your wireframe prototype. Today, I’d like to tell you how to use "Scroll Box" components with the rapid prototyping tools Mockplus to quickly make a scroll-activated sticky header.
(A) Effect display

So the question comes, how to achieve this effect? In fact, the principle is very simple, you can make it merely by two nested scroll boxes.
(B) Concrete steps 1. Create a new scroll box (scroll box 1), click on the scroll box, put "OK" button and image placeholder in it, as shown below:

2. Nest a scroll box 2 in the scroll box 1, click into the scroll box 2, place multiple image placeholders in it, as shown below:

3. Double-click the space to exit the scroll…

Beginners' Guide: What is An UX Designer?

What is an UX designer? If you want to become an excellent UX designer, first of all you need to know what an UX designer is. Moreover, what’s the requirements for being an UX designer? What skills are necessary for them? What do they have to do in daily life? What are their responsibilities? This article will give you the answer of "what is an UX designer". Let’s read this complete beginners' guide.

Definition of UX designer:
What is an UX designer? Firstly we need to know its definition.
User experience design, known as UX design, is a user-centered design aimed at meeting user’s needs. Its emphasis is laid on its user during the designing process. The concept of UX is integrated into the whole process since the very beginning of development period and threads throughout the process. UX design includes: UI (user interface), interaction, vision, hearing, industrial design, etc. Its goal is to ensure:
1.Accurate estimate of user experience. 2.Comprehension of user’s rea…

12 UX Designer Interview Questions to Help You Pass the Interview

Here are several typical UX designer interview questions. You are suggested to read them carefully and make advance preparation if you want to pass your interview successfully.
In addition, please pay special attention that there isn't only one absolutely correct answer to any question. Whatever question you are faced with, you can speak out your point of view combined with the experience from the actual projects you have made before. So let’s read the following UX design interview questions and answers.
1. What do you think of interaction design and user experience? What’re the differences between the two?
If the interviewer asks you this kind of UX designer interview questions, he/she doesn’t intend to test your memory but your understanding of basic concepts. Therefore, you should speak out your own understanding but not cram up the definitions from books.
2. What do you think is the core of interaction design? Please recall all of your designs and think about the common goals…