Best UX Persona Examples & Templates For Designers to Know Users Better

What is A User Persona? User persona is a method / tool created in product design & development process to represent the characters of a group pf people. It answers the questions like “For whom we design the product?” and “What are the characters of this group of people?” which enable the product made to meet the real needs of its users. User personas also make the product design process easier by offering a vivid character of users. User Persona vs. User Market Segmentation User Persona is different from “User Market Segmentation”, the latter is to analyze users’ behavior based on their characters and mentality; the former focuses more on “How do the users see and use the product?” In other words, even though human properties like gender, age, occupation and income are among the reference factors when creating a customer persona, they are not what distinguish a persona from another, as they don’t have absolute influence on users’ behaviors. In fact, the similar behaviors are the…

Flowchart Design - How to Make a Good Flowchart in 3 Steps?

Flowchart design is familiar to a majority of people, which makes versatile explaining and presenting of the process and also offers a fresh view which distinguishes it from black and white flowcharts on the paper. This kind of design approach is getting popular in recent years, but it’s not easy to explain “what is a flowchart design”. Perhaps those words of “user experience”, “interaction design” or “page structure” may come to your mind this moment, but that’s all? The answer is absolutely not. What Is a Flowchart Design? In a plain word, the flowchart design is a type of diagram representing a workflow, process or algorithm. It’s a combo of Start, End, Action, State and Judge. Based on different project and the given goal, there are generally four types of flowchart design, including Product Flowchart, Business Flowchart, Operation Flowchart as well as UI Flowchart. Obviously, the UI flowchart can be used as a starting point for design planning and acts as an indispensable role in…

Top 8 Mobile Navigation Menu Design for Your Inspiration

The mobile navigation menu design is the most important bridge and platform for human-computer interaction that aims at guiding users in a right direction and not getting lost. There is a various type of menu bars available for choice now, but what kind of menu bar could be judged as an excellent design? A good menu design can not only enhance the user experience of the entire product but also allow users to refreshing. So, I will share my understanding and experiences of the navigation menu in this article. 1. What’s the function of the navigation menu?To enhance the product content and function structure and hierarchy Navigation is the skeleton of the APP, supporting the overall content and information, so that content in accordance with the information architecture organically combined, visually and clearly displayed in front of users so that fragmented content becomes full and orderly. Meanwhile, the structured arrangement at the same time also enhances the sense of ecology. Highl…

What Skills Are Required for Front-End Developers

With the Internet being a indispensable part of our daily work and life, it’s been much easier to know about the IT related positions,such as design, front-end development and back-end development, etc. Most people would naturally think that the page development is pretty easy and requires no techie at all. Not only do most people have such universal ways of cognition, but also many professionals may have a lot of doubts: Does front-end implementation, no problem; compatibility issue, small case; picture integration, has been in use always… Then what can be the real problems?Here, let’s go and see what skills that frond-end developers need to master on earth. Please comment below if you have any thoughts to share with me. 
#Skill 1 — Build A UI Prototype & Make Designs Functional
It’s a must for excellent frond-end developers to master one prototype design tool, turning their ideas into functional prototypes, along with the ability to make the design go live by the page coding. A …

20 of the Best Website Homepage Design Examples

You never get a second chance to make a first impression - that's why the first screen of your homepage undoubtedly plays an important role in your website. Flat design is one of the most popular design trends today. In many ways, it is design stripped down to the basics and focused purely on the raw functionality. It gets rid of unnecessary graphical and animated elements, which requires you being good at the interplay of icons, typography, and color. Below, we have put together a list of 20 amazing website homepage design examples for designing an impressive homepage that will hopefully inspire your next project. Bigdropinc The typography on this website is very practical and frequently-used. It is simple, yet powerful. The bold typography is the best suited homepage style for simple and clean layout. Oribe LE28 LILLE Truedigital Text centered and filled the screen. Aaa The font design is elegant. What's particularly great about Aaa is that it will show different background when …