5 Best UX/UI Design Prototyping Tools for Windows

Looking for the Best Prototyping Tool for Windows? Still looking for the best prototyping tool that can turn your ideas into visual prototypes to the fullest as an experienced product interaction UI/UX designer on your Windows 7/8/10 computer? Or still searching for a top Windows prototyping program for practicing and improving yourself as a beginner? No worry! In order to solve such problems, 5 best prototyping tools for Windows users will be introduced here and hope you can find the one that suits you the best here: 1. Axure RPCompatibility: Windows and Mac Price: Free Trial - 30 days Pro - $29/month, Team -$49/moth, Enterprise -$99/month Axure RP is a professional and all-in-one windows prototyping tool often recommended and used by most experienced UX designers thanks to its powerful functions, like exporting visualized conditional flow, adding vivid animations and data-driven interactions, and completing a team project, etc. And it can help edit a project to the very super details. …

12 Free UX & UI Books That Worth Your Reading for 2018

Though UX/UI design has no widely-accepted definition, we can still say with certainty that it’s about the user and creating the pleasure when using a project. Such a big subject can be intimidating on first glance, and the sheer amount of UX/UI books also make most of us feel overwhelmed. For those looking for expert techniques so as to get an edge in UX design, we have rounded up a complete list of 12 free UX and UI books that anyone can enjoy and benefit from. Take a look and may you find the favorite one to sharpen your skills!
1. The Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction
Free and high quality textbooks recommended by Don Norman, “I highly recommend the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, the breadth and the depth of the invited contributions are quite impressive, all with highly qualified authorities as authors.” They are well written by more than 100 design experts, bestselling authors as well as Ivy League professors. Those textbooks, featuring 4,000+ page encyclop…

How To Use Color In UI Design Wisely to Create A Perfect UI Interface?

Whenever found an interface that looks nice, clean and elegant, I save it. Now I have a collection of more than 100 UI interfaces. After learning, making use of or simply viewing it again and again, I finally realized something in common. It is always the color that steals my heart at the very first look. So here, I’d like to make a conclusion about how to use color in UI design wisely. A serious note first, what I wrote can’t turn you into an excellent UI designer magically, but I promise you’ll learn something here. If this is actually useful, please leave me a comment. 1. The magic power of color Color can speak, as powerful as language. You just can’t argue me about that. Think back whenever you encounter a site or a product, it is the visual appearance, which largely depends on color, that always leaves you the very first impression. So, what color can do actually? 1) Reflect the personality ofa brand Color can set the basic tone,mood, connotation and conception of a brand or a p…